06 June 2008

Wedding pictures

Wedding pictures. I know you want them.
These were taken by my cousin Kate (actually my dad’s cousin, so she’s my first cousin once removed, but why quibble?)
I have that funny expression because I’m trying not to cry.


My dress is Vera Wang and my shoes are Cynthia Rowley (with blue soles!), his suit is Alexander McQueen and his shoes are Chuck Taylors (not that they stayed on for long.)


My Aunt Mary got some good ones too(you’ll have to register and sign in to see them all):

At the rehearsal dinner. (I don’t know what my bangs are doing here, but the dress is Philosophy, so maybe that makes up for the fivehead.)

Don’t you just want to nom this little guy right up?

My matron of honor helping me get back into the house. The veil and train were blowing all over and making walking hard.

Check out Mom’s awesome hairdo!

The making of a Toddy tee.

Best man Todd. Big thanks to Todd’s girlfriend Maureen for documenting this. HEE.

And here are some of the photographer's favorite pictures from our wedding. Man, Johnny did such a good job; we loved working with him. Elsewhere on Johnny's blog is a link to some of our pictures from our engagement session – all the engagement photo images were used in an album that guests at the wedding signed. Like a high school yearbook, except it said “Best wishes and good luck!” instead of “Friends 4eva – C U next fall!”. All the pictures Johnny took are favorites, but here are a few super special ultra favorites:

Working out a few kinks before the ceremony.

That lace hankie you can see peeking out on the left side of my dress is one Mom brought it back from Brussels for me when I was 11 or so and said I could carry it at my wedding. It took a while but I did exactly that.

Dave dancing. I’m still jealous of his awesome foot tattoos.

I can limbo pretty low.

Taken with a Holga, used panoramically. Cooool.

My wonderful mother in law.

The rings. His is white gold with a rose gold flower, mine is white gold with pink and purple sapphires.

Polaroid. (I was so tired by the end of the day.)

Best bathroom wallpaper ever.


If you're really a glutton for punishment and want to see all the official wedding pictures (I love them ALL, myself), they're here. Password: deBeer.