27 September 2010

This is purely for bragging rights:

Plum jam on a weeknight. Yes, the apple pectin is homemade, since you ask.

21 September 2010

concord grapes *must* have a lot of umami

the odor that the concord grape produces while in the superheated grasp of the reproductive urge creates an almost palpable miasma - musky and and densely sweet.

13 September 2010

11 September 2010


Do anyting for catklok
Do anything for catklok
Do anything for catklok
Do anything for catklok

I'll teach you who poop

catklok catklok catklok!

Pipgar Pipgelf fell out of a tree

Nibbles Wartooth ate a bumble bee

Bobby Murderface Murderface Murderface

Luckles doodly doo doodly doo ding dong diddly doodly doo

PigBear Explosion

With apologies to Dethklok
& thanks to stoops for his brutal assistance writing this post.

Last jar

Guess it's time for another batch. Marmalade is so easy to make that I usually tend to overdo it and make enough to last three years, but this time I got it right.

09 September 2010


Just finished Radio Days by Garrison Keillor and I find myself full of reluctant admiration for the man. He strikes me as a pompous phony who condescends unpleasantly to his characters, but he can certainly turn a phrase.