27 May 2010

Unbelievably Short-Sighted Idiocy of the Day

I went to go fill a prescription today and lo and behold, my insurance maxed out at a 30 mg/day dose - whereas MY DOCTOR has me on 40 mgs/day of this medicine. I have to APPEAL IN WRITING to request that the company makes an "exception" for me. This is so fucking outrageous and short-sighted on the insurance company's part - do they WANT me to need to go back in the hospital? Because my last stay (with the same insurance providers!) cost about ten thousand dollars for every day I was in there, which is a lot more expensive than ten fucking extra milligrams of medicine.

I cannot believe I need to jump through this many hoops to get a fucking prescription filled.

None of the customer service people, by the way, could tell me anything about WHY this policy has been enacted. And guess what else? The appeals process takes 30 days and I only have enough medicine to last me for 22.5 days. Really, I would gladly become 25% less crazy, but the customer service reps couldn't tell me how to do that, either.

And I'm one of the lucky people who has healthcare at all!

Jesus fucking H Christ. Do I write to my senator about this, or what? How can I get a class-action suit started? I'm totally pissed and totally powerless.