31 March 2009

so totally worth it, though

one of the fucking cats flipped my display upside down again. Plus the modem was acting up so I had to reset it before I could tediously navigate my way across the upside down backwards desktop to get to Google. (ctrl + alt + UP arrow fixes it.) little furry bastards. lucky for them they're cute.

23 March 2009

I am old and nerdy

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

We had to move the rosaries out of Pip's reach. He knocked over Buddha trying to get one. You'll be glad to know Buddha escaped unscathed.

Not a whole ton to say for myself lately. Well, there's been a lot going on (when is there not?) but I haven't had much time to write about any of it. Dave in 3 bands, though, so I see the amount of writing time in my life hockey sticking. He's off at practice now, in fact, but he left dinner in the oven for me. Good man. I was starving when I got home (god knows why, there is a plethora of free snacks at the office and I get through a lot of mini-bags of Cheez-Its in a day) so it was extra nice to walk in the door and be able to stuff my face without having to wait around while the ramen finishes cooking.

Listening to a Librivox recording of Jane Eyre and am really enjoying it. I've read Jane Eyre before, at least once, but I don't think I've read it in maybe 10 years. Long enough so I'd forgotten almost everything but the salient points of the story: poor governess, rich Mr. Rochester, mad wife in the attic, "Reader, I married him". That's kind of inescapable cultural knowledge about Jane Eyre - I probably knew that much going in the first time I read it. I'd forgotten how events unfold, though, and how much fun Jane's conversations with Mr. Rochester are.

Man, listening to this as an adult, though, I can barely hear the story over the warning sirens in my head screaming, "Get out of there, Jane! Mr. Rochester is crazypants!" I mean, he dresses up as a gypsy and lies to her, he misleads her about marrying someone else, he plans to entrap her in a fake marriage, then he tries to get her to be his mistress, and even after all that Jane's like, "Mr. R! I luffs him so!" That doesn't seem like such a happy ending to me. Her other alternative, the creepy St. John Rivers, is awful too. I don't think Charlotte Bronte had a very high opinion of men. I don't think she knew much about children either - Jane is a governess but her charge is just so boring and stupid.

Anyway. The litter box and some laundry are calling. If I can ever get Lucky off my lap. He's my internet boyfriend and always insists on being in my lap whenever I'm on the internet. I don't know how he knows, but he does.

Whole lotta grooming love going on around here.





01 March 2009

in like a lion, indeed

I dyed my hair purple.

Me and my new hair with Zoe.

curly hair in the dining room.

Lucky. He is a pushy old customer from Brookline.

He's our FIFTH cat. Pip was number 4, which was already too many, and then we acquired a fifth. So the deal with Lucky is that he belonged to a blind friend of Dave's. Lucky was diagnosed with diabetes (he's 12 and overweight), so obviously his blind owner couldn't see to give him his shots. So Dave's blind friend found a home for Lucky with another friend of hers ... except that lady was diagnosed with alzheimer's and couldn't remember the shots. So Lucky ended up back at the shelter and since he's 12 and diabetic and overweight, he was probably going to spend the rest of his life at the shelter, except we are suckers and adopted him. Two days after we brought him home, he had a hypoglycemic episode and almost died. After a mere thirteen hundred dollars, though, he was saved, and now he's not diabetic. (For now. Cats are really hard to keep stable. Zoe's back on insulin, for example, but only a small dose once a day. And we've invested in a blood glucometer and checked her blood sugar this afternoon; we'll probably start monitoring them both regularly. If I can avoid any more $1300 emergencies, I definitely want to.)

So five cats is way too many, and it's also an expensive hobby, but Lucky is super sweet. I had food poisoning last week and was running a high fever and generally felt awful, and Lucky was super happy just to lie in bed with me. He totally spooned me. Lucky (totally misnamed, in case you hadn't guessed, but Dave's blind friend's cleaning lady found him in a dumpster when he was 3), anyway, Lucky is really easygoing and gets along with the other cats, apart from Zoe, who hates everyone. He and Pip wrestle - he's the only cat strong enough to kick Pip's ass. Pip is a big boy these days - he was 9.5 pounds at the vet last month and I bet he's up to ten now. We call him "muscle boy" because he's a brick shithouse.

Look how much bigger he's gotten since August.

Pip likes cat TV.

Dave took this photo of Simone. She is his favorite. Technically Simone is still bigger than Pip, but she's a lover, not a fighter, and Pip wales on her ass all the time. (Whales? Wails? I think it's a regional phrase and I've only heard it spoken, not seen it written. Google was no help.) The brown rug with circles is in the second bedroom, which is now "the dude room", god help us. So naturally a brown rug was an appropriately masculine choice.

Sometimes Pip can be sweet.

I like how they both have their tongues out.

We are going to see Trail of Dead tonight at the Middle East Downstairs, which should be a good show. The only problem is that their set doesn’t start until 11 (which ought to make work tomorrow sleepy. My plan is to shower before the show and do a roll and stroll tomorrow morning; I figure if we get in at 1, I can go right to bed and sleep until 7:30 tomorrow morning and leave the house by 8, which will make me feel wretched, but I will be functional tomorrow for work, at least. I grow old, I grow old, and will probably regret seeing the show tomorrow.) Oh, and we’re getting 6 inches of snow today and supposed to have another 12 tomorrow. Yay New England. In the meantime we are listening to Yo La Tengo - transferring vinyl to MP3s, puttering and doing housework, and we need to hit the grocery store if we want to eat next week. A nap before the show is also very likely. Life is busy.

and just for kicks, a couple of pictures from when we were out in New Mexico over Christmas to see my parents.

The sky is so blue out there.


Some kind of cactus flower.