21 September 2010

concord grapes *must* have a lot of umami

the odor that the concord grape produces while in the superheated grasp of the reproductive urge creates an almost palpable miasma - musky and and densely sweet.


Anonymous said...

did you make jam? or Smitten Kitchen's Concord grape foccacia?

Cara dB said...

They will be jelly - they're still doing their thing in a muslin-esque bag above a stockpot, but later today I'll measure the juice, add sugar, and boil for a bit and we'll have jelly. It takes a horrendous amount of grapes to produce jelly, although it's very little actual work.

as my sister said the first time she made her own jam: I'm never buying that Smuckers shit again.

Jana said...

I have to say- the Jelly was AWESOME!!! No more Smuckers ever! :)