20 July 2007

TimeWaster Friday

Advertising silliness:

Hilarious parody of the iPhone on a napkin. Hehehehe. Also, pretty graphics.
(via adrants)

more satirical goodness for you: puppet agency, an ad agency. I don't know if this is funny to me because I'm in marketing or because all account coordinators (and I've been one) are kind of douches. Or because the camera work on the puppets is just fucking genius. I'm going with the camera work.
(again, via adrants.)

a complete gallery of simpsons movie promo stuff. Cuh-razy. My favorite (even more than the Haarper's Bazaar spread) is the make-your-own simpsons avatar.

Here's mine:
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(I had to use Otto's hair because his is the only one that's long and curly. I don't wear headphones as often as Otto does, though.)

You can also upload a photo and they'll do it for you, and you can then adjust. Here's mine:

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(I liked the doctor's outfit best, okay?)

Caveat: the flash-heavy Simpsons sites are SLOW. But this is a timewaster post for Friday, so I suppose it doesn't matter.

Pet Moustache is sponsored by Burger King but doesn't make me want a Whopper (or a mustache) in the slightest. It is fun, though. My results:

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(I was drunk and riding on a carousel for this picture. Does it show?)

Games (some of which include silly advertising ideas)

Awesome Blossom from CandyStand.
Ostensibly selling Lifesavers (same idea as the Burger King pet moustache thing) doesn't make me want a lifesaver but is mesmerizing and soothing. Remember Dr. Mario on the gameboy? It's like that. (The whole candystand idea is seems inane to me and unlikely to work, but what do I know?) I wish you could turn the sound off, that's my only caveat.

More logic puzzle games:

Blocky - oddly addictive although I can't make it past green.

Circlo My boss walked by while I was playing this and wanted me to send him the URL. heh.

Bloxorz. I am not very good at this - rotating objects in space is not my specialty.

They're all good games for work, since a game lasts 5 - 15 minutes, which is a perfect break.

Dirt Nap Merch

I also found this site for death-themed stuff you can buy. Oh man! skull cupcake molds, ribcage tshirts, guadalupe de los muertos ... bring it on, motherfucker! via popgadget.


Kaethe said...

I can't get past the green level either.

I love death merch. I've been going crazy with the zombie shirts lately, by Rax.

Lisa said...

Hahahaha I just spent waaaay too much time on my Simpson's avatar. I have no life.