02 August 2007

Thursday Cat Update

because ... why not, really, fulfill all of the naval-gazing female blogger stereotypes?

Here is my formerly wee black baby; she's still black and she's still my baby, but she doesn't seem to be quite so wee any more ... must be the good food and happy environment; also the indoors-only regime is less active (but safer). She also seems to be a hell of a lot shoutier than I recall, too.

podgy inty
Yeah, she's sleeping right on the mattress pad. She likes to get right up there as soon as I've stripped the sheets so she can hair it up good-style.

Here's Zoe wearing a bow from one of Dave's birthday presents;
you can see she's been playing with the wrapping and is alert and ready for more crumpled! paper! to play with.

Yes, I am immoral for dressing up my cat. She looks so debonair, don't you think?

And, since they don't get along and rarely occupy the same piece of furniture at the same time, here's at picture of both of them, together, about as close as they'll ever get to one another, and it's only because they're both sacked out from the heat.

As Close as They'll Ever Get

Yep, that's an old gallon milk container with a scrub brush in it, because Dave was cleaning the floor. See how it gleams?

And in conclusion ... yes, I spend my weekends taking pictures of my cats and cleaning the house. Then I document it here, in the most boring and stereotypical blog entry ever.


Lisa said...

Well, y'know. You can't be a crazy cat lady if you get a dog too.

Kaethe said...

But they're beautiful cats, and that's a great looking room, with the floor all gleamy.

seppaku said...

Blogging about cats is not a punishable offense, but calling them the Best. Cats. Ever. is.