02 December 2008

Random Awesome

Frank Zappa, at home with his parents. via swissmiss, who curates an awesome website. There are more in the series here.

I also really liked how Eric Clapton's mom obviously got out the good silver for the picture. Touching, somehow.


seppaku said...

For a moment, when my browser first loaded your blog, I saw the picture and thought, "Wow, they redecorated! Wow, the Stoops looks different!"

Then my eyes focused and I realized that was Frank Zappa.

Anyways, coffee.

Cara deBeer said...
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Cara deBeer said...

Heh heh heh. Maybe he'll be flattered when I tell him. It must have been the mustache and physique which misled you.

also, I cannot type very well.

Lisa said...

Ha! And those are totally awesome. Elton John's mother is hot.

jana said...

wow! the colors in that picture are awesome!!!