14 March 2010

Weekend at Bernie's

The cat we call "Pig-Bear" got up onto the kitchen counter, using the dishwasher as a springboard and ate enough food for three cats. I called and called and she didn't show so I thought maybe she had just exploded somewhere, like at the bottom of the stairs where I wouldn't have heard the bang.

So I shut the dishwasher and refilled the bowl on the counter for the three who AREN'T too fat to jump up there, and she shuffled out from somewhere as soon as she heard the ping of nuggets bouncing off stainless. I have never seen such a guilty-looking cat.



Katharine Weber said...

You are projecting. There is no such THING as guilt for a cat. You want guilt, get a dog.

Cara deBeer said...

That's true. I probably (willfully) confused "furtive" with "guilty".

Anonymous said...

i think you confused "furtive" with "satisfied."

Debi Harbuck said...

But don't get my dog. He does 'exuberant' and 'irrepressible' but seems to lack the gene for 'guilty.'

constance said...

Turns out even dogs don't really get the whole "guilt" thing. They respond "guiltily" to reprimand whether they did something wrong or not. Aw, dogs are so adorably stupid. And we're so stupidly anthropomorphizing.