20 August 2010

Cyanide occurs naturally too

On the Perils of Being a Hippie

Alas, "natural"

Tom's of Maine deodorant

caused chemical burns


Maya said...

Wait, that's so weird. I use that stuff, too. Was this an off batch?

Cara dB said...

I don't know if I had a bad reaction (there are a ton of other people who had similar reactions and posted about it on the internet, heh) or if it's an off batch, but either way I'm bummed 'cause I love the deodorant in every other way.

Becky Malaria said...

I also use this and haven't experienced burns... that sucks. I did have a problem with allergic reaction to Kiss My Face lotion. Have you tried j/a/s/o/n? I use their shampoo and like it (aside from the weird name) and they have deodorant too.

maryse said...

hi, i just wanted to thank you for your kind comment telling me about your experience. it made me feel a little hopeful and for that i am grateful. thanks again.