03 October 2007

new haircut photo essay, sort of

"Sort of" a photo essay because I can never resist being wordy. And why should I, if I enjoy the sight of my own typing?

Below is my previous hair - I don't actually like it long, but divorce is expensive. Guess what else is expensive? Maintaining a precision cut. So for the two years and thousands of dollars necessary for my divorce, I dispensed with regular haircuts.

I don't know why I look so plaintive here. I do know that this photo is evidence I shouldn't try to do my own eyebrow shaping anymore, though. Curls are a natural result of summer heat + humidity.

You can see the length more here. Also you can see I get super awesome bedhead. Curls are stretched out from sleeping. They recharged later that day, in the shower.

The beauty process is never pretty. But I document it selflessly anyway. For humanity.

New haircut. My favorite thing about this picture is how goofy I look - I'd just had some good news - and how you can see my crooked bottom teeth. You can't really tell here (blame the cell phone camera and fluorescent lighting) but my bangs are about two shades darker than the rest of my hair. And yes, I totally work in a cube farm.


Kaethe said...

I like the cut and the pictures. You look like a fun person in that last one. Coming from that first picture, it's clear that this haircut has radically improved your life.

Lisa said...

Love the haircut, but I also love the bedhead photo. What's that cool light reflection on the wall behind you?

Cara deBeer said...

I don't know about improving my life but it's certainly improved my feelings of happiness when I look in the mirror. I hope I'm always a fun person (or at least funny ... I'll even settle for funny looking), even if the photo doesn't show it. Heh.

The bedhead photo was meant to be of Zoe and turned out a cool happy accident. It's also sexy, in an accidental way. The light on the wall is coming through one of the bedroom windows - it faces east and the sun pours in all summer to wake me up.