21 October 2007

No Pictures, Thanks

Yeah. You really don't want to see a picture of what I'm about to write about.

Long story short, a weekend filled with much eating, drinking and socializing backfired and I felt really queasy and hungover, not to mention migrainous, all day today. So nice out, too. So we went for a walk just now, partly to get some ginger ale and saltines for me. We sat down outside the store so I could eat some and try to settle my stomach.

I guess that's just what my stomach was waiting for, because almost as soon as we started walking again there I was, crouched ignominiously on the sidewalk, barfing into the gutter. This will tell you how fast the ginger ale came back up: my barf was fizzing.

On the other hand, that IS why you eat saltines and ginger ale, because they're so bland and easy to throw up. And if I'm interpreting the messages from my stomach correctly, I'm not done yet with the barfing. My life is so glamorous.

Next time: why moderation appears to be an unlearnable skill for me.


jeff said...

I'm going to assume that was my fault. Sorry. The nip piñata (ñipata?) was worth it, though, right?

Cara deBeer said...

I don't recall you holding a gun to my head ... and yes, it was totally worth it.

My problem was really a combination of the aging process (I guess I can't metablozie alcohol as well as I used to) plus a couple of other migraine triggers. So: no drinking for me for about 6 months, and I'll see how that impacts the migraines, and then probably gradually reintroduce the booze.