12 February 2008

unforeseen developments

so I was singing along to The Immaculate Collection while making dinner* and thinking, wow, this stuff sounds really dated. Still good, mind you, but really dated. It's also much much more interesting than any of the safe, boring stuff Madonna has put out since about 1999.

however, I have to say that Crazy For You is just not one of the stronger songs on the record. Also everything that comes after Open Your Heart pretty sucky, too. Still, she is wearing nice fake eyelashes on the back cover and wearing some kind of clown outfit, so I forgive her.

Digressions aside, I was howling along to Papa Don't Preach and dammit if I couldn't hear when I missed the note (which was most of them.) I'm pretty tone deaf, range-free** and always have been, but maybe somehow I have learned to tell the difference between making the note and not? I didn't know that was something you could learn. And how come no one told me? Y'all just allowed me to humiliate myself at karaoke every 5 years instead. That was an AVOIDABLE MISTAKE, people. You did not have to listen to that.

*how I got to that point exactly is a long and boring story. trust me.

**as opposed to free-range; there's like one octave my voice will do when I sing. Supposedly I have a nice speaking voice most of the time though, according to others. I get pretty shrill when I'm hanging out with my girlfriends, though. Again, according others.

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