04 April 2008

Friday Fun

Good thing I didn't look at this website until after 5 ... it was hard to stifle the snickers coming from my cube. My mom is actually not as terrible as all that but I have fielded the occasional call for technical assistance which leaves me shaking my head, just as you have to think all the people who submitted emials from their own mothers must have done. Most of the emails are pretty sweet, though, because they are so affectionate and not in a big-deal way, just kind of an "I'm-your-mom-and-I-love-you" which gets taken for granted a lot if you're lucky enough to have a mom that loves you.


Lisa said...

I sent an email to my 20-year-old son demanding to know if I sounded like any of those. Because a whole lot of them sound like they could be from MY mother, and I was wondering if it's something that gets activated at the moment of childbirth. Scary, scary thought. But that site had me laughing out loud most of the evening.

Cara deBeer said...

I read through to page 20, myself.

And I hesitated before posting because I wondered the same thing - if the moms I knew would recognize themselves in their own dealings with their children, or if they'd just see their own mothers.