17 April 2008

little light

So ... today I left work early to take Zoe to the vet.

Before I left work, I checked in on the status of a project I've been working on for about a month, which is due tomorrow and, um, it's not as close to done as I thought. So tomorrow will probably be long and mind-numbing. I do really like my field but occasionally the job is pretty manual (think spreadsheets) and tomorrow will be one of those occasions.

At least I have a great rendition of The Scarlet Pimpernel to listen to while I do it. The book itself is a little awful - there's a LOT of clumsy writing and heavy-handed characterizations and purple prose, but the reader Karen Savage is a delight. I so heart Librivox anyway: all their stuff is free and it's all stuff that's in the public domain, and readers volunteer to read stuff. I've listened to several solo projects and a few group ones. Nothing beats a big meaty solo project by an accomplished reader, but the group projects are also really interesting - sometimes people have thick non-native-English-speaker accents but they are still good readers, and sometimes they are native speakers and they just MAUL the chapters with mispronunciations and flat affects. Usually those chapters are kind of a chore to get through, but the vast majority is pretty good, and I like how librivox is a completely flat power structure, refusing to make recommendations about which reader is best, because they don't want to discourage or intimidate anyone. That makes up for the occasional less enjoyable chapter. Also, it means the bar is set less high! So I could do some of this reading, if I wanted. I am thinking about it, I do like the sound of my own voice ... maybe this summer, when I have more time. (Not like I have any realistic reason to expect the summer to be less busy than I am now, but hope obstinately continues to spring.)

So, anyway, took Zoe to the vet for her blood-glucose level check-up and it was 298, which is sky high. Which means her diabetes is not really under control. Which means more tests at the vet, and more expense. Initially I thought maybe there was a chance that Dave hadn't given her the shot properly (it's easy to miss) but he confirmed she definitely got the right dose. So, total bummer. I also made an appointment for Inty since, you know, all barfing all the time but I might need to reschedule until after the wedding, when I'll have more time and a little more financial ease. (Weddings have many hidden associated expenses. MANY hidden associated expenses.)

I also got a call from the jeweler who is making our wedding rings, and those were more expensive than I was hoping for, although not exactly a hidden expense ... I don't know where I thought wedding rings came from. The stork brings them? But it's completely money well spent - we'll be wearing these rings forever, they are custom designed, Jade is a terrific designer and makes beautiful beautiful work AND she's local so I'm all helpy with the local economy and stuff. Plus she's rad and I like her a lot.

But for the checkbook, not such a good day.


After the vet and the other errands, I got home to a bunch of awesomeness. The first gift for the wedding arrived, which is very exciting (I haven't opened it yet because I'm waiting for Dave to get home, he's at class). Dave made ratatouille for dinner and left it in the oven for me (I just had some and hey, the dude can really cook!). I called my mom to whine (because she is always gracious enough to ask how I am doing, which is not a favor I score 100% on returning; sorry, Mom) and mid-phone-call (I was actually talking to Dad) I noticed that there was a vase of irises on top of the fridge with a little note on it, from Dave to me. He'd been reading my blog and the note was a very sweet response. Also apparently in real life I appear (to Dave at least) to have my act together more than I feel I've got together on the inside. Which reassures me a little about what people at work might think. (Unless they read this blog.)

And I got a some really thoughtful responses, and that was on a blog post I thought was way too long and probably boring for anyone to read.

And I even got a(nother) good response to this post, which will maybe be an interim (heh) solution to the Inty barfing problem. Because she is still barfing a whole lot, and losing weight, and needs a followup evaluation. If I can get her to put a little weight back on, though. I'm thinking pepcids in baby food might go down well ... sometimes I think she just throws everything up and then gets what the vet refers to as "sour stomach" and keeps horking and doesn't eat because, you know, she's nauseated. My poor wee black naughty. I totally understand, because the migraines make me pretty sick to my stomach. She emits this heartbreaking howl right before she barfs - she knows it's coming - which is simultaneously awful and a little hilarious. Also, at 4 am, it's wakey-uppy, and then you (I) get to lie in bed and listen to her strain to bring something up and then wonder where she deposited it and try to make a mental note remember to put your (my) slippers on right away when you (I) get up. So as to avoid stepping in.

... Anyway. So obviously some stuff is hard right now, but some people are also nice. And it's all going to be okay, eventually. And this blog has gotten me some awesome pet advice.

Update 4/18: Zoe's insulin problem might be due to the insulin being past its shelf life. And talking to the vet, she suggested what I've been thinking of doing, which is testing Zoe's blood glucose at home. That way I'll be able to just have phone consultations with the doctor and I can do a curve over the course of a day if I need to, get her better regulated that way. And much cheaper than going in every couple of weeks. So for Zoe's next appointment, Dave and I will go learn from the techs how to get the blood out of her ear. The vet very sweetly said, "I think Zoe is a good candidate for this, she's such a good cat." My little heart went pitty-pat to learn that the vet thinks Zoe's a good cat. Of course she is, but I don't expect other people to see beyond the drool and the ratty fur.

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Rooie said...

Love the stuff on that jeweler's page. In fact, I am trying to decide just how tacky it would be to email the link to Arthur. "Hey, hon. I like this!" I love the star rings. And the bird necklaces. And the briolette necklaces....and so on.

Deep breaths, Cara. It may not seem like it to you, but to outsiders you have done some amazing stuff. Gone halfway round the world! Gotten out of a bad marriage! Come back home! Gotten your cat back here with you from halfway around the world! Pretty amazing stuff.

Kaethe said...

Well, clearly you're marrying an awesome guy this time, and that counts for a lot.

I have no useful cat advise at this time, except to say: be grateful for hardwood floors. Cat puke on carpet is a drag.

Lisa said...

Wow, that jeweler's work is gorgeous, and I'm really picky about that kind of thing. Almost makes me want to get married...

I so heart Librivox anyway

For a second there I was thinking this was some prescription drug and my first thought was "It helps with boring repetitive work? Where can I get some?!"

Cara deBeer said...

no, no, ativan is the one you want to talk to your doctor about for using at work. Heh.

Yay! I'm so excited everyone loves Jade's stuff. She's so cool too. I think she might be coming to my party next weekend, which would make me really happy.

Yeah. At this point, carpeting is totally out of the question. I'll just keep breathing in and out.