24 May 2008

quick hit

Mimi Smartypants, I laughed until I cried reading about the dead bird with half its face eaten off by ants. Please never stop writing. Also please get a book deal and tour for it and include Boston in your itinerary so I can either forget to get tickets or come to your reading and then be too shy afterwards to come up and say how much I love your writing. Because I am neurotic and fun like that!

This is happily unrelated to Mimi Smartypants, but since we've gotten back from the honeymoon my anxiety levels have gone (back) through the fucking roof. Welcome home! I wondered where that hand tremor had gotten to.


Lisa said...

Shit, I just spent the past hour reading the life of Mimi Smartypants. She needs to come through NY too so I can buy her a number of drinks. That is some FUNNY shit.

And Cara, baby, I'm betting at least some of that anxiety is just kind of referred pain from the last few weeks, and it will fade at least some with a few more days of not having to worry about the wedding. Which was absolutely WONDERFUL and fabulous, by the way, and you were gorgeous and Dave was like a rock star, and the party favors rocked. Worth the drive up and back, especially since I didn't do much of the driving. You are no longer a princess but a queen! You'll be OK. Take the next couple of days and just lie around and relapse. I mean relax.

Katharine Weber said...

At the risk of sounding as if I come from some planet beyond the new agey stratosphere, I have a suggestion: instead of tamping it down or trying to zone it out, you might try letting the tremors and panicky feelings flow, exaggerate them, let everything vibrate and shake (on the floor or bed) as if you were having a total panic seizure. Yell, scream, BE the anxiety attack! Scare the neighbors! -- and you might really be able to let it go and be gone.

Cara deBeer said...

You're both right, of course - referred pain from all the stuff I hadn't been dealing with as it came in (like an emotional mail pile) and now is the time to start seeing what bills actually came due while I was busy with other things. I am so used to avoiding panic attacks that I forget it's okay to have them sometimes.

Kaethe said...

Mimi is the coolest mother in the world, isn't she?

Congratulations! Here's to getting over the tremors one way or another.