11 July 2008

In Which Everything Is Okay, For Now.

So I had my hearing test this morning. At 7 am! I was up at 5:30 and left the house well before 7! I never do that and so I had too much coffee to compensate and now I’m flying! My eyes are wide open and kind of bulging from the unaccustomed levels of caffeine so I pretty much look like a boston terrier. Yay! Arf! Arf!

Anyway, my hearing test results were totally normal, although I’ll get checked again every two years or so because of family history. I’ve got some loss in the high frequency range but this is very common (plus it’s cute when Inty opens her mouth to miaow and it’s off my hearing range so she looks like a goldfish with her mouth opening and closing silently.) It could be that I’m not good at distinguishing sounds, so when Dave talks and I’m in the kitchen and something is spattering on the stove and there’s music in the background, even though his volume might be fine, because of the background noise I just can’t make out what he’s saying and end up saying “what? what?” all the time. I don’t care, I’m just relieved my hearing is normal, and who really wants to listen to their husband anyway?

We are planning on going cat shopping this weekend - Zoe's likely lifespan is "weeks and months" rather than "years and years" so since Inty has separation anxiety and Zoe is pretty stable right now, it'll probably be best to introduce another cat into the household now, rather than ruin Zoe's last days or have a traumatic period for Inty after Zoe has died and there's no companion for Inty and then we get a new cat for Inty but she has to adjust to it while still being fucked up from Zoe's death. And we'll enjoy the time we have left with Zoe.

Cat shopping is fun! I looked through petfinder last night. We have some ideas about what we want - an older cat, 3-5, who's just super mellow and super social and gets along well with all the other cats in the shelter colony. Also I promise not to ever leave a cat alone in the car for even a minute, let alone five minutes, and also no cat will ever ride in my car again sans carrier, since it still stinks like cat piss despite the liberal amounts of Nature’s Miracle. I’ll pour more on when I get home tonight. I left the windows open today, hopefully no one will steal it from the work parking lot – or they’ll just get in and realize how bad it smells and get right back out in search of a less stinky car to hotwire.


Kitt said...

Well, that's a relief!

Good luck kitty-shopping. I'm sorry about Zoe.

Lisa said...

I have some slight hearing loss due to standing in front of huge speakers at concerts (Mom was right! or would have been if she'd bothered to warn me about that kind of thing) and I find I have a lot more trouble sorting out sounds when there's ambient noise, just what you described. On the other hand, I've also been told that the little cock of my head when I'm trying to isolate a conversation makes me look extra-attentive.

Sorry about Zoe. Have fun trying on kitties, though.

Cara deBeer said...

we have a while, with Zoe, I think. But still.

Heh - best friend's comment was along the lines of, "I don't think you need another goddamn cat!" Which is true, but only if you look at the matter logically. Heh.