11 September 2008

Pip's fall from grace

So Pip fell off the second story porch tonight. It's easily fifteen feet. He probably jumped, the little booger. A neighbor knocked on the door and asked Dave if this was our kitten. Poor little Pip had a bloody, scratched nose and curled up around himself, very still. He was breathing fine but he seemed so lethargic we took him to the emergency vet in Woburn. It's a terrific, if expensive, facility, as we have reason to know. It's where we took Inty for her endoscopy.

pip's aftermath 001
With flash.

He's totally fine, and in fact perked up at the vet's (of course.) Now he's back home, sleeping on the bed. Apparently he had the naughtiness knocked right out of him this evening.

pip's aftermath 011
Without flash. This is closer to the real colors. I need a fucking new camera. I think I will buy one soon, actually. I can't stand it. Plus it would make a good reward for getting a new job. Wow, this is a long aside. Sorry, everyone.


Kitt said...

Aw, poor Pip! I'm glad he's OK.

I just hate going to the emergency vet. Expense aside (and that's no small thing), the vibe there is just so distressing.

Hope you're feeling better, too.

Cara deBeer said...

Thanks! Pip was definitely back to his old self this morning. I'm happier after a night's sleep, too. The emergency vet here is actually not too bad, vibe-wise - they deal with non-emergencies, too, because they've got the facilities for it, so it's not just full of weeping anxious people.

Pip has to be isolated today so that we can check his bladder is working and I can already hear Simone howling because her son is trapped in a room that she can't get into. I'm sure he's howling squeakily right back but I can't hear him over Dave's shower.

Lisa said...

Poor little Pipsqueak! I'm sure he'll be fine, though -- cats are amazingly resilient when it comes to falls. My ex-husband's cat, Balls, survived falling from the FIFTH FLOOR window. And Shakey just fell off our ledge last week, but after limping for 15 minutes was back to his old self.

I lived at the emergency vet's for a month when Milo was sick, and I have this absolutely visceral fear of ever having to go back there. Hopefully I won't anytime soon, although with three pets and a tenant pet, the odds do increase.