06 September 2008

Wait 'til I tell the other martians about this!

I think this commercial trying to convince kids that fruit was more delicious than candy bars might have been local to the Boston area, Dave doesn't remember it at all. I'm pretty sure my sisters will, though.


It totally backfired for me - I used to dream about how great it would be to live on Mars and eat candy bars all the time.


Kitt said...

Mmmmm ... caaaaaannnnndy.

Zak said...

I grew up in New England not too terribly long before you, slowtech, and I don't recall that commercial at all. It could just be his accent--"Wait 'till I tell the utha mahshans about this!"--but I'm pretty sure this was a local Boston spot.

Jana said...

Ha ha ha!!!!!! Yes I TOTALLY remember that one!!! It made me not want to eat fruit because the crazy guy loved fruit.

chapter11studios said...

Oh GOD, I remember this one. Hated it as a kid. It was so obviously a lie! It's even worse watching it now. And those production values... even worse than an old episode of Doctor Who, and that's saying something.

Anonymous said...

WLVI 56 and WSBK 38! Ahh the memories. Uncle Dale (Doorman who was also a DJ on Kiss 108) would do BOTH cartoons and the announcing for Creature Double Feature. Captain Bob's paintings on 38 were a GREAT warm up to Saturday Morning Cartoons (which really no longer exist in ANY form). The Junior Consumer tips with the Abominable Snowman. The REALLY obscure ones with the cartoon bird with a big nose singing about, "It's no fun to be sick it's a terrible awful feeling" and "We're gonna have a little tasting party!" Thanks for this it takes me back.