04 November 2008

Not political

I've had this theme song stuck in my head for a couple of months now. I loved Heathcliff.


Mike Johnson said...

Good LORD, I haven't heard that in forever. I loved that show and recently was wondering if anyone but my brother and I remembered it.

I must also admit having had a mad crush on Cleo, Riff-Raff's girlfriend.

Anyway, thanks for posting this. Off to forward it to my brother.

Cara deBeer said...

Cleo was pretty awesome.

While doing "research" for this post, I also found and listened to the theme song for Ducktails, Inspector Gadget and Gummi Bears, all of which I fondly remember.

There were a whole bunch of really obscure saturday morning cartoons that I loved but which no one else seems to have watched - one was based on Mother Goose and Grimm, there was a Garfield and Friends one (that one is probably not that obscure), there was a cartoon version of Alf ... I used to get up early to get in my four hours or so of quality saturday morning cartoon viewing.

Mike Johnson said...

I loved the Ducktails NES game well into later in life, so I'm no stranger to that theme song. I think Gummi Bears and Heathcliff were my favorite theme songs. I was a little too into Gummi Bears for a guy, I think.

It's funny...I only remember watching Heathcliff after school, not on Saturday mornings, though everything I've read referred to it as a Saturday morning show.

Do you remember Dungeons and Dragons?

Cara deBeer said...

No, I don't remember seeing Dungeons and Dragons.

Heathcliff was afterschool programming for me, too, along with Inspector Gadget and Ducktales. All the others - including Gummi Bears - were saturday morning.

the Family Guy rerun I was watching last night had a Snorks reference - I was psyched.

Lisa said...

Whoa -- is that a sexy naked cat with one breast bared? They let you kids watch this stuff?

Actually it looks kinda hip in a weird way. I am so too old to have ever seen it.

Cara deBeer said...

Lisa, I think your son was just too young for it, otherwise you'd have known about it. Or not - not having a TV probably meant you got to skip a lot of that stuff, although Mom and I used to watch DuckTales together after school - we enjoyed it equally, I think.

And no, the lady cat doesn't have a naked boob, I think that's just the fluffy fur on her chest.