10 November 2008

Pink Hair and cat pictures

So, new hair:


It's red and blonde highlights really. I told the hairdresser to do whatever he wanted - he's been doing my hair for a while - and that I wanted something really funky. I'm pretty happy with the results.


Also, Simone likes orange juice, which is funny since cats are supposed to hate citrus. I guess no one told her. She still loves green olives, too. I was eating some this weekend and she kept begging and ate all that I would give her. Weirdo.


I think she's cleaning the OJ out of his mustache.


Pip was not really sure about the orange juice, but I think he might grow to like it, with time.


Pip is growing into such a big boy. He's just about Inty's size right now but with those big paws, he won't be for long.


Kaethe said...

Funky, indeed. Very cool hair.

I never tire of the infinite variety to be found in cats. Each one is the Best Cat Ever. Now I'm looking forward to discovering what weird foods the Greys will like and reject.

seppaku said...

Nice hair! Having dabbled in mahogany brown with blonde highlights for the last couple years, I am going in this week to get super RED POWER HAIR!!!

Pip's so pretty and swirly!

You probably already caught this in October when it was posted on Jezebel, but, woo, cat people!


I get such a tickle out of how they describe cats as little aliens.

Cara deBeer said...

thanks for the props on the new hair! Real life comments have also been positive. Yay!

Seppaku, super red power hair sounds awesome.

I've been away from home so much this week I haven't had time to make any new fascinating discoveries about the Best Cats Ever (Kaethe, that is totally true), but maybe this weekend will be better.