24 July 2009

Friday night bachlorette

So Dave is down the Cape tonight playing a show and I'm on my own. I also left my phone at work (curses!) so I was feeling all lonely and isolated when I first got home from work. Then I watched 3 hours of What Not To Wear and realized that nights home alone can be pretty sweet after all. I even got really excitable and changed the battery in my camera, then (surprise) I futzed around taking pictures for a while. My embroidered apron is coming along.

I finished the space ship.
There are a lot of tiny little hairs on that apron. A lot.

Lucky is always ready to help out.

Bet you're no longer wondering how the apron came to be covered in cat hair.
The underside of the flame embroidery is a hot mess. too bad. The front is hott.

All your robots are belong to us.

When he dies, I'm going to have a taxidermist make him into a wallet that says "Bad Motherfucker" on it.

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Maureen said...

I read this post of yours and wondered if you were a I can has cheezburger fan - we are in a big way at our house. Then I saw it on your blogroll.
Because of this and similarities between us in HusbandLand, I wanted to make sure you saw this post of mine:
I am adding your to my blogroll