29 July 2009


This is how I know summer has finally arrived: tonight in yoga I did a faceplant out of a balance pose* and now I have a big red mark on my forehead. I may have to wear a hat to work tomorrow. The reason I fell out of the pose was because it's so fucking hot and steamy in Boston and my sadistic ashtanga teacher turns off the a/c in the summer to promote sweating. I just slipped in a puddle of my own sweat and hit the motherfucking deck. Headfirst. I've never taken a Bikram class and I never want to, but I think it may be a similar experience.

* crow pose, or bakasana if you want to be all correct about it.

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Deborah said...

I kind of laughed. With you, not at you. But I can picture it so easily. I've gone slip-sliding away myself, but never into a face plant. And yes, that's what Bikram is like, except most of the poses aren't ones where you might go sliding away by accident.