17 May 2007

other people's brilliance

If you haven't read the Salon interview with Tinky Winky about Jerry Falwell's death, do so now.

I always dismiss Salon in my head because, speaking of ambitious failures, Salon is one. But every once in a while, they have some damned awesome content and I remember why people still pay attention to them.

I hope that link stays free and doesn't go behind the annoying watch-the-commercial free one-day-pass. If I realise that's happened later, I'll try to find a permalink which doesn't require registration, money or commercial watching. Because that's what we internet marketers do: circumvent the legitimate revenue streams of websites wishing to make a buck off great content. Who said an uncontrolled free market was immoral? Not I, for sure.

Also, in other Thursday news, it's been raining for two days now and I've got a migraine to prove it. Motherfucking stupid blood vessels feeding fucking brain and affected by the environment. Why can't I be more climate-insensitive and less inclined to listen to Al Gore? (That is a really ugly flash-filled website, sorry. Dude invented the internet - okay, not quite, okayed major funding for the invention of the internet - but still, can't he have a decent website design?)


Lisa said...

The shoemaker's children have no shoes, alas. That's why the entire time I was married to the high-end carpenter, everyplace we lived looked like shit. Now he's working for Woody and Soon-yi and I bet their place looks great.

Fianna said...

Darn Salon. I can't get in, can't find whatever commercial they want me to watch and Bugmenot is of no assistance. So Lisa's comment makes no sense.....:(