15 May 2007

Things I want: a(nother) cutting board

Introducing a new area to my blog, kind of a long wishlist all in one place. I'm taking a leaf from my coveteous friend's book. It's not that I can't afford any individual item (well ... some things I really can't afford), it's just that my reach exceeds my grasp. Or my greed exceeds my checking account. However you want to look at it.

Despite having the most beautiful butcher-block kitchen island in the world (built for us by my dad), I still find myself wishing for a really huge cutting board. Because I always use cutting boards on top of the island (it makes cleanup easier) and my prepped food, especially if I'm making a stir-fry or something, tends to overflow off the cutting board.

The picture above is called the Overboard, which is a 20-inch by 20-inch cutting board of end-grain wood. For $40! That's right, forty bucks! This thing is like, criminally cheap compared to the prices you see on most end grain butcher's block stuff.

And yet ... I have three cutting boards which are perfectly good (although one of the two larger ones is warped, but still - you can cut just fine on it!) plus the aforementioned glorious butcher's block kitchen island so I really can't justify this purchase in any way. I guess I just like to exercise my salivary glands regularly, otherwise I wouldn't torment myself with longing for excess or upgrades when I've got plenty - more than plenty - of perfectly good, nice stuff already.

Le sigh.


jesse wiedinmyer said...

If you send me a snail-mail address, I've got a stupid little something to kick your way...

No, not a cutting board.

Lisa said...

Oooh, I want one too. But I also have three serviceable cutting boards, damn them.

Anonymous said...

Very nicce!