11 May 2009

the usual brain dump

Katharine was right (she usually is) and I do need to post something to push the toenails further down on the page. Here’s the Beta Band.

This song has been on my mind because of the awesome ending (starts at about 4:15). We are going to Barbados later this week (yay!), basically for an extended long weekend. I am a little stressed out about it, which is stupid – who gets worked up about a fucking vacation? But I have been having anxiety dreams since Friday night (usually these involve me being back at school. I won’t elaborate more because I have not been blessed with the gift of making my dreams interesting to others. That is probably because NO ONE ELSE’S DREAMS ARE INTERESTING, unless you are like the star of someone else’s dream and then it’s only interesting to hear about in a self-gratifying way.)

The anxiety is extra strange since I just finished a big work project last week and it’s usually work that prompts stress dreams. But this time I am anxious about packing, or something. Like it’s SO HARD to throw small bottles of conditioner and a bathing suit into my suitcase. (Although typing this, I just realized we are going to have to check luggage if we want to bring sunblock with us, since that comes in larger-than-3-ounce containers. Dilemma: check luggage and deal with lines/lost baggage/fees, or carry on and get fleeced when we buy sunblock at the resort? Man, do I have first world problems, or what?)

And the cats. Leaving the cats makes me anxious. They aren’t frail or anything but with 4 of them, we see the vet about twice a month for one thing or another. Fat Simone currently has some kind of skin condition on her forehead which she has been scratching at, so now it’s scabby and oozing, and obviously we want to get that taken care of before we leave. Dave made an appointment at the vet to take her in on Wed and was fairly surly about being the one who always has to take the cats in, but he shut up when I reminded him that he’s only been doing it since last September, and before that I took care of all the cats-during-the-week stuff, because my job was closer and more flexible and I had the car. Now my job is not close, not particularly flexible and costs $20 to park for a day*, so it makes more sense for him to do the cat shuttling. I could work from home in mornings or evenings and take the cats that way, though. I just hate working from home because I’m not as productive.

Ooops, that was kind of a long detour. So, anyway, going to Barbados. In a few days. Yay! And not much else to report otherwise.

* This seems like an outrageous amount to me, but according to Forbes recently, Boston is tied for #19 on the top 20 list of Highest Cost of Living Cities, so maybe 20 bucks to put my car onto 275 square feet of concrete 8 stories up is actually a good deal and I just don't realize it. Because I am blinded by my first world priviledge and all.


Debi said...

Yay! Barbados!!

(And, also, yay for Katharine! Those toenails having been sort of freaking me out.)

As for parking, I am fortunate that the lab is not located in the Historic District and so we have our own parking lot. Your note did make me curious, though, and so I looked it up. Here are the rates for Savannah's city garages:

Daily Rates: Monday through Friday 7AM to 6PM, $1 per hour
From 6PM until 7AM there is a flat rate charge of $2
Maximum daily rate $10
Monthly Rates: Monday through Friday 6AM until 9PM, $80
Unlimited access, seven days a week/24 hours a day, $95
Reserved space, unlimited access 24/7, $160

All of which makes me feel better until I remember that salaries are equally less here.

So, anyway, Yay! Barbados!!

Kay said...

Don't worry too much about the cats, hon. I'll take good care of them, I promise. I'm looking forward to having something scheduled to do. And with the use of your car (OMG thank you so much for that, btw) I can run anyone to the emergency vet who needs it. Not that anyone will. Let's get together tomorrow to do the key/info/rundown thing.