01 May 2009

Blowing my tiny mind

Check out this guy's blog entry about his collection of nail clippings. My brain totally blew a gasket. God, I love the internet so much. Absolutely the best part of the blog entry is the comments posted to it from fellow savers.

"I thought I was strange for saving ribbons and skin from my girl/friend."

You ARE strange.

"I once had a friend who ate a toenail clipping we found for 5 dollars. "

Wow. Just wow.

"I'm glad not everyone finds it disgusting , I have been known to keep full toe nails , where they have fallen off after being stamped on, and once kept a finger nail in a matchbox from a girl I fancied. Sick me ? no ! Its a shame I didn't keep them longer , but there was a strange smell that accompanied them . "

*Blink* *blink blink blink*

Enjoy the rest of your friday, children. Props to Erin for alerting me to the existence of this piece of internet arcana.


Lisa said...

"I once had a friend who ate a toenail clipping we found for 5 dollars."Wow, that's some markup.

Those people are strange. I bet there's a blog somewhere devoted to someone's records of his collection of boogers he's wiped on the underside of his desk, but I for one don't want to read it.

Kitt said...

Wow. Ew.

Katharine Weber said...

You have got to update your blog to push this picture down the page!