11 June 2009

june showers

Obligatory blogger's photo of rose with raindrops

The pretty roses have less-pretty aphids

This shrub rose is called wingding, which makes me think of the font. Hee.

Hairy tomato stems. Also well-equipped with aphids.

And besides growing things in containers, we've been "pruning", aka whacking the hell out of the plants in the garden which are overgrown (which is all of them.)

I call this one "Hacked-off hedges, flanked by giant brush pile"

Another contributor to the brush pile. This thing used to reach the second floor. In winter it got so bowed down with snow that the branches made the sidewalk impassable anytime we had a storm. Since we got 64 inches this winter, that happened a lot.

This picture of the brush pile doesn't do the real thing justice (and I'm not far enough along on my photography lessons to know how to take a better picture) but at least the cars are there for scale.

It's been raining a lot lately, and cold. It didn't help either of our moods to come home today and find that the cleaning lady had had a festival of breakage. She broke the hot water faucet handle in the bathroom, the step/lid thingie on the kitchen trash can, and although this isn't technically breaking anything, I unwisely left out one of the buckets that I use for cleaning the fish tank. She used it to do something else with - probably cleaning the floor, which is good, but with chemicals, which means I won't be able to use it for the fish again. Dammit. She also forgot to lock the house up when she was leaving. Gah.


Debi said...

Your roses are beautiful...aphids and all.

Also...wow. That's a lot of pruning.

Maya said...

I have aphids on my tomato plants. I, too, sprayed them with soap. Nothing much happened so I'm ignoring them. I mean, the plant is still fruiting...