14 June 2009

Lasted: one day

I couldn't take the guilt. I moved the roses to the dining room where I wouldn't be the only one enjoying them. I suck.


And as long as I'm confessing things, I'll admit that every picture I post taken inside my house is kinda staged.

the dark blobs under the table are Pip and Simone grooming each other. Not staged

I mean, it mostly looks like this but I'd say that there's about 20% more clutter. (Hmmm, maybe 20% is giving us too much credit. Kay? Can you weigh in on this?) But the booze is only temporary. We're having a whisky party next weekend so we're all stocked up on single malts and bourbon and whiskey. And also wine and beer and rum and vodka in case you want to come to the party but don't like whisky, whiskey or bourbon. (I got kind of carried away at the liquor store.) Also if you're reading this and you're local, I probably know you personally so consider yourself invited and that I am just dumb and forgot to email or facebook you.

So, party, yay. We haven't had a party since my birthday last year, which makes it over a year, which is too long. I have been fussing with my hanging baskets for weeks so they will be party-ready.

this picture was not staged. I don't count "choosing a good angle" as staging.

Okay, that's a lie, I have been fussing with the hanging baskets since I got them and that's because it's the first time I have ever grown flowers and not killed them right away. But this year something has clicked in my brain (regular watering ?) and I'm nuts about gardening.

This picture was not staged. Fuck, now I am obsessed about staging versus not.

When I say the gardening bug has taken hold, I will tell you that I have begun saving the water from when I clean the fishtank and use it to water the plants. Fish poop is rich in nitrogen, apparently. I also made an all-natural aphid repellent from dish soap, wesson and water. So far it doesn't seem to have done much to deter the aphids. It's a bummer since it's cheap and I felt like a virtuous hippie when I was making it, but I think I will go back to the all-natural shit they sell at the garden center, which at least seems to kill the fuckers. I question their claims of "able to use on day of harvest" but it says it's for organic gardeners, so it can't be too bad. Right?

Anyway, I should shut up now. I have dishes to do, laundry to fold, litterboxes to scoop. Miles to go before I sleep.


seppaku said...

I am also plagued by aphids here in Pasadena. I, too, made the dish soap aphid-repellent, and I am still swamped by aphids. I am considering introducing a herd of ladybugs to my rosebushes.

The bane of my existence, however, are the EARWIGS. They lace up my basil and pepper plants. I go out at night with a flashlight to pick them off one by one and drown them in a bucket.

Who knew that gardening could be so satisfyingly sadistic?

Love, love, love all of the pictures. Aren't all pictures inherently staged by our taking photographs?

I'm also enjoying your increased blogging frequency. =)

Cara deBeer said...

I was thinking about ladybugs too. You can order them off the internet! But 2 containers of tomatoes and 2 containers of roses don't have enough aphids to support the ladybugs for very long, so I think they'll just fly away after a day or two and then I would be back to where I started.

I have snails that are eating my basil (sons of bitches) and have no idea what to do about them.

earwigs are grody. period.

and thanks for the positive reinforcement! blogging is so enjoyable that I never seem to have trouble finding something to talk about; it's more a matter of finding the time. But I'm trying to prioritize it more.