08 June 2009



in the ocean is one of my favorite things. Unfortunately, though our hotel was right on the beach, the surf there was too rough to do much swimming (not if you wanted to keep your bathing suit on, anyway.)

But we did get to do some snorkeling one day, and I bought a disposable underwater camera and took pictures. None of them are great, but some of them give you an idea.

I have to say, turtles that are actually in the water are fast motherfuckers. They also have moss on their shells.

They kind of look like they're flying through the water.

Swimming with the fishes!

The people running the cruise made us all wear stupid deflatable life jackets that wouldn't deflate all the way, so I couldn't dive as deep as I wanted - so all the reef pictures look kind of faraway.

Also apparently underwater cameras need to come with a flash, because this parrot fish just looks blue, like everything else. Underwater cameras also seem to have strange and interesting results in the film, which compensates a little.

This is more like what a parrot fish looks like in real life. I didn't take that picture, though. these people did.


Debi said...

I think these pictures are great. And now I am jealous all over again of your trip. Just gorgeous.

Sue Dickman said...

Those are very cool pictures and make me want to go snorkeling immediately, even though I haven't been snorkeling in years.