15 September 2009

Good Morning Vietnam

Sometimes I like having a blog because it's not a place where anyone can tell me, "that's not an appropriate story for this audience" or "way to overshare." So you've been warned.

I was sitting at the computer a few minutes ago when I heard the pre-barf wail coming from one of the cats. Inty - usually the culprit due to her IBS - was right there next to the computer, so it wasn't her. No, it was Lucky, pacing on the living room rug with his tongue out. Pip and Simone had rushed to his side, which was sweet in the case of Pip and gross in the case of Simone, since I could see her sniffing around eagerly before Lucky had even tossed his cookies*.

And then he did barf, and Simone barely waited until he was done before rushing in to bat cleanup. She was gobbling so quickly that she was snorting because she's got a permanently blocked nose and couldn't breathe through it. But why let breathing distract you from a hot meal? She grumbled when I cleaned it up and settled back to lick the carpet a little. Happy Tuesday to me!

And now I need to shower before work. If only a shower would clean my brain.

* yeah, wet food for diabetics really. I bet you knew that we didn't actually feed him cookies.


Lisa said...

Simone recycles! And yeah, ew, although I have a dog and should be used to such things.

Cara deBeer said...

Sometimes I'm tempted to just leave it to her, but she eats enough barf when we're away during the day or asleep at night. She's already obese so it's not like I'm doing her a favor by letting her clean it up.

Apart from the barf eating, though, Simone is the sweetest, dumbest, most affectionate cat ever.

Tabby said...

Mine don't eat one another's barf, but Sousa does scent mark areas where barf resides unseen (I clean it when I sees it, but if I'm out and it happens in the bathroom, I don't see it right away!), which sometimes leads me to the spot. There's getting to be too much or too often lately, so i guess vet visits are in order.