15 August 2008

Bacon spectacular

Bacon is strangely trendy these days. Therefore, in honor of it being Friday and me being tired, I'll leave you with this curious collection of links.

Salon on bacon mania (part of their Pork Week series. Heh.)

Bacon cupcake. I'd eat that.

Bacon flowchart. Hilarious.

Bacon alarm clock. I feel like this would be a fire hazard. It would probably also get really grody really fast. But still: funny!

Cups made out of bacon.. From NotMartha. I love her site.

the famous bacon bra. Ew. But funny.

Bacon ice cream. I made this, it is delicious, I documented the process with photos and I owe the internets a giant post about it. But for now you can check out the recipe I used.


Maggie said...

Bacon is the be-all-end-all of meats. I would worship at Bacon's altar, if there was one.

Debi said...

This post is a good example of why I love you.