22 August 2008

Portrait of a lady

haw haw. Check out the beer and extension cord at the foot of the bed. I have a new haircut too, of course.

house, simone, bacon ice cream, mystery vegetable 208

All the classy lassies drink beer in bed

I dunno what the deal was with my Flickr account the other day, but it's working fine now.


Maggie said...

Awesome pose! Plus, I love the painting behind you, and LOVE the hnaging lamp!

You've got great style!

Cara deBeer said...

thank you! the hanging lamp was Dave's idea and I didn't like it at first but it has gradually grown on me. the poster (a detail of a fresco in italy) was salvaged from my sister the artist's room - she brought it back from Padua and left it behind when she went to college. this year for my birthday Dave had it framed.

oh - i did take some pictures of your prints in situ on the living room wall but camera shake struck again. i will try again and brace the camera more steadily. stupid camera lacking internal stabilization ...

Kitt said...

Nice haircut! I like the lamp, too.