07 August 2008

Even more tired Thursday

Gad, it is such a colossal pain in the neck to need a solid 8 hours (preferably 8.5) of sleep. (Not that I am getting that much, which is why I am so cranky this morning. It's going to suuuuuuck getting through the day at work.) I could get so much more done if I was able to get by on 5! Oh well.

Since I am tired and cranky and it's Thursday and these things are par for the course, I will leave you with a link to our wedding album. It's only a draft - we've got two revisions (if we need them, which I don't think we will) but this is probably pretty close to final. As usual, I can't praise Johnny enough for being awesome to work with. The only changes I'm thinking about for the wedding album are fewer pictures of me. (Is that weird? Am I the only bride ever to want that? But I want more pictures of the other people who were there - it wasn't just about us.)

Oh yeah - and my friend Maya and I are working on a group blog, weekday girl about being a girl in the world. 'Cause there aren't enough of those already! But seriously, we both really like Jezebel and we both have more to say about what it's like to live your day to day life as a female. We're looking for more people to write for it, too, so email me if you're interested - cara dot debeer at gmail.

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