18 August 2008

jebub dog, I are tired

as the title suggests, it's Monday and I'm already tired and feeling whiny and lazy. You have been warned.

Now I'll commence complaining, fueled by a Lisa speedball. Well, she once referred to a "poor woman's speedball", a glass of wine and a cup of coffee she was having after a day at work to help get through a free-lance project (uh, I hope she doesn't mind me exposing this) and that's what I'm having, to get through tonight's many after-work projects.

So here are some cop-out pictures of Pip, the naughtiest little booger on the planet:

overexposed by the flash

no flash

I am very aggravated with Flickr because they won't let me access my own photos, blocking me with a filter that won't pass me through to my pictures, even when I cleared my cookies.

In other cat news: Inty was grooming Simone tonight! Just a few tentative licks at a time, but I'm thrilled. I've also noticed that Inty has calmed down a LOT when we return to the house - she used to follow one or the other of us around yelling for 15 or 20 minutes (fixating mostly on Dave, unless I was the only one there, since she likes him better than me.) But now she just screams hello a few times and then settles down. I think the companionship is helping her.

Funny, though. Cats show status by grooming - the cat who grooms is the one who's higher status than the groomee. (This explains a lot about why Zoe loves to groom people's hair and mustache - she totally thinks she's the boss of us. She kind of is.) So Inty groomed Simone but wouldn't let Simone reciprocate because Inty thinks she is higher status than Simone. Simone is literally twice Inty's size, but she's so docile and chill she doesn't care. Hee.

Argh! There's so much more I wanted to talk about and now I need to shut up and go get other shit done! I'm working early every morning this week so it's unlikely I'm going to get back to the computer for a while, which is a fucking drag, since I love writing. But upcoming topics may include: migraines, magnesium and constipation ("ooh!" you're thinking. "I can't wait!"); more cat news (there's always something); how much I love the cleaner who made our house smell nice for me to come home to tonight; reading Henry James plus my sisters; uh ... that's all I can get to for now. But I'm sort of surprised that I thought for an instant I could ever be anything other than a generalist blogger, because I love talking about all the random crap that's constantly falling out of my head.

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Lisa said...

By all means -- I am proud to have a drug combination named after me. Just so long as no one thinks I'm actually shooting heroin and cocaine together... you know, in case my mom is reading this.

I love watching the grooming wars at our house. Mr. Bonkers will pin Alvy down and go at him, and Alvy looks for all the world like a little kid getting his face scrubbed with a spitty tissue -- "Moooommmm!"